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A dental mirror held up to a smiling mouth.

Does tooth sensitivity indicate something wrong?

Is tooth sensitivity a serious problem? Here are potential causes and when you should consider seeing your dentist.

A woman receiving an oral exam.

What is periodontitis?

The risk factors and causes of gum disease, and potential treatment options for advanced cases.

Children trick or treating.

Celebrating a tooth-friendly Halloween

Here are trick-or-treat goodie bag options that are as exciting as candies, along with tips to keep little smiles protected.

Before and after whitening shots.

Extend the life of your whitening procedure with these tips

Here are tips to enjoy the results of your professional teeth whitening procedure for longer.

A woman eating a bowl of berries.

What foods are acidic and cause trouble for oral health?

Take note of these potential culprits for dental erosion.

A diagram of bone marrow in the knee.

Dental Care and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Why paying more attention to dental care routine is crucial for those with rheumatoid arthritis.

Lips with an unidentified sore or lesion.

Lip Cancer: Signs, Risk Factors, and Prevention

Take note of these potential signs of lip cancer and don’t hesitate to talk to your dentist about them.

A baby eating in a high chair.

The Truth About Baby Food

Here’s why you need to take the time researching food options for your baby.

The word sugar written in sugar.

How much sugar is in your food and drinks?

Here’s an overview of common sources of added sugars and how much is safe to consume daily as per health authorities.

A close up of a smile.

What Causes Dental Erosion?

Enamel loss can be due to several factors. Check which ones are applicable to your case.

Common Dental Pitfalls

From buying expensive toothbrushes or toothpaste to falling for TikTok or Instagram hacks, many of us are finding ourselves making unnecessary mistakes that can damage our teeth instead of helping them in the long run.

The importance of regular dental visits

Having regular dental visits is an important part of taking care of one’s overall health. While many people may view it as a luxury, the truth is that visiting the dentist every six months can save money in the long run, helping maintain good oral hygiene and preventing painful, costly dental procedures.

older couple hugging and smiling with nice teeth

How do you care for elderly teeth?

Caring for elderly teeth properly can help you avoid the need for dentures.

dental staff joking and laughing with their patient

What are dental sealants?

In this post, we talk about dental sealants, their purpose, how they’re applied, and who needs them. The teeth at the back of the mouth are more vulnerable to tooth decay and cavities. They're used for heavy chewing, and they have creases and uneven surfaces where debris from the food you eat can easily get stuck.

sedated woman is ready for her dental appointment

Is the dentist safe during pregnancy?

Here are reasons why dental visits are necessary during pregnancy. It’s natural to be even more concerned about your health and safety when you’re expecting a baby. Your Red Deer dentist recognizes you’re likely wondering if dental procedures are advisable.

stock photo of a woman missing a tooth

What happens when you don't replace missing teeth?

Here are possible scenarios if missing teeth aren’t replaced. Are you missing a tooth? Tooth loss is a common dental issue. At first, you might not feel the need to do anything about your missing tooth.

stock image of a first aid kit and checklist

What is considered a dental emergency?

Here’s a quick list of common dental emergencies. Dental emergencies refer to situations that require immediate medical attention. It may be due to excessive pain and discomfort, bleeding, severe trauma, or a life-threatening condition.

dental hygienist showing her young patient a photo of her family

Why does my child grind their teeth? Should I be worried?

Common causes of bruxism among children and when to call your dentist in Red Deer. Does your baby or toddler grind their teeth? Should you be concerned about it? Babies begin to explore the world around them through their mouths.

photo of an operatorium

How to Find The Best Dentist

Here are some tips to help you find the best family dentist in your area. It helps to make your search local so you can begin with dental offices in your area. If you’re looking for a dentist for your family, you’ll want a practice that’s easily accessible from home, especially if you’re taking children or elderly members with you.

smiling young woman posing as she brushes her teeth

8 Tips for starting dental care routine with children

Getting your child started with dental hygiene habits early sets them up for a lifetime of good oral health. Children need routine mouth cleaning even before teeth erupt. But more so once their teeth have come in. Tooth decay is common among young children, but you can teach your little one to avoid it. Here […]

an infant showing off her two front teeth

When will my baby get their first tooth?

It takes time for your child to go from that loveable toothless smile to a mouth full of teeth. That first tooth is a big milestone for your little one. As a parent you probably want to know when you can expect that single tooth to arrive, and what other teeth are soon to follow.  […]

woman with a big smile against a grey background

What is cosmetic dentistry and who can benefit from it?

Cosmetic dentistry refers to dental procedures that help improve the appearance and function of your smile. This can include teeth whitening, veneers, dental implants, or Invisalign. We’re pleased to offer these cosmetic dental treatments here at Image Dental in the Red Deer area. What is Cosmetic Dentistry? Your smile could be your best asset. If […]

a heart shaped bowl showing the differences between healthy and unhealthy snacks

The surprising link between heart disease and your mouth

How the mouth is related to the heart, as various studies suggest.

a stock photo showing wisdom teeth placement

All About Wisdom Teeth

Information about wisdom teeth along with dental issues linked to them.

blog cover: 10 reasons to still see your dentist during the pandemic

10 Reasons to still see your dentist even during the pandemic

Delaying dental treatments may only result in more issues down the road. Here are reasons to stay updated on your dental visits.

woman gripping her jaw from tmj pain

Numbing Reversal Agent

Numbing Reversal Agent eliminates numbness from anesthesia twice as fast so you can get back to your routine right away.


Covid-19 Update - September 2020

COVID-19 UPDATE - SEPTEMBER 2020 Thank you so much for your patience and understanding during this time. We appreciate you all so much! We have been working hard and feel confident in our new office policies and safety measures to ensure our patients and staff are kept safe during this pandemic. We want to let […]

smiling older ccuple embracing each other on a white background

Teeth Whitening For Life

Teeth Whitening for Life is an exciting program available to all patients. We would like to WHITEN YOUR TEETH and help you keep them white for life!

May 29th, 2016 - MS Walk

Trish, our Community Relations Coordinator, was our sponsored walker this year for the MS Walk in Red Deer.   With help from our Image Dental team, $400 was raised for MS research and support for those suffering from the disease.

May 28th, 2017 - MS Walk

Trish, our Community Liaison, was once again our sponsored walker this year for the MS Walk on May 28, 2017. See some of the photos from the event.

May 22nd, 2016 - Woody's Fun Run

Our enthusiastic team of Image Dental runners braved the snow, rain and wind to complete the 10 km Woody’s Fun Run through the beautiful trail system in Red Deer.  Proceeds went to help support the Red Deer Hospice Society.  Good job runners!  You made us proud!

central alberta family expo logo

March 2016 - Central Alberta Family Expo

This was our first year attending this exciting event in Red Deer which included inflatable bouncers, a petting zoo, Star Wars, Dora & Diego.

photo with darth vader from star wars

March 25 & 26th, 2017 – Central Alberta Family Expo 2017

Image Dental Care once again participated in the Central Alberta Family Expo on March 25 and 26, 2017. Parents and kids had fun.

a stack of pancakes on the grill

June 4th, 2016 - Deer Park Plaza Customer Appreciation Breakfast

Image Dental Care and other merchants in the Deer Park Plaza hosted a pancake breakfast. Almost 700 people were served free pancakes and sausages.

dr. holding up a gift bag made by one of her young patients

January 25th, 2017 - Holy Family School Career Day

Dr. Kara, Registered Dental Hygienist, Anila, and Registered Dental Assistant, Jessica, from Image Dental attended the Holy Family School Career Day on January 25, 2017 to talk to students about careers in Dentistry. Avid students enjoyed their presentations and asked many interesting questions.

staff photo at toys 'r us

December 22nd, 2016 - Random Act of Christmas Kindness

Image Dental had the pleasure of doing a random act of Christmas kindness at Toys R Us. We paid for Carol’s purchase of toys for her grand nieces.

mud hero 2016 staff photos

August 5th, 2016 - 6K Mud Hero Event

Not Afraid of Getting Dirty!  Image Dental Care staff and family members participated in the Red Deer 2016 Mud Hero Event to help raise funds for community endeavours.  Our team successfully completed a 6 km course overcoming challenging obstacles and tons of mud!

staff attending a baking class

April 3, 2016 – Ronald McDonald House Central Alberta

Our team members have had the pleasure of preparing meals at Ronald McDonald House Central Alberta. We consider this opportunity as one of the ways we can give back to the community in a caring way.

branded image for dental outreach in nicaragua

Dental Outreach in Nicaragua

Here are some photos we took in Nicaragua We taught oral hygiene technique to children at the school which serves the villages of San Bartolo and San Diego. We taught them why brushing was important and how often to brush. We also brought toothbrushes and toothpaste as well as toys and some school supplies for […]

Get Rid of the Pain: How to Ease Sensitive Teeth

Anyone can experience Sensitive Teeth, and there’s no telltale signs when it’s coming. However, it’s most prevalent among those aged 20 to 40.The condition occurs when the tooth’s protective layer, the enamel, wears away. This exposes the dentin beneath the enamel, leading to sensitivity when eating or drinking things that are hot, cold, sweet, or acidic.What […]

blog cover: the best foods for your teeth

Best Foods for Your Teeth

Perhaps the only thing missing in your dental care routine is a healthy diet. Check out these best foods for your teeth!

blog cover: Choosing the right toothpaste type

The Right Toothpaste Type

Brushing with the right toothpaste type is key to maintaining a bright, healthy smile. One type of toothpaste may be more effective for you than another. This guide will help you select the right toothpaste type to meet your specific needs. The first toothpaste was invented by Ancient Egyptians in 5000 BC, even before toothbrushes were invented. It’s believed […]

stock photo of a perfect smile on a white background

Introducing Teeth Whitening For Life!

Have you ever thought it would be great to have gleaming white teeth and keep them that way for as long as you want?Now You Can!

blog cover: when is the right time to start dental care for your kids?

Dental Care Tips for Kids from Red Deer Dentists

Help your little one enjoy a beautiful smile throughout their lifetime. Here are dental care tips for kids to take note of.

blog cover: eating your way to a healthy smile: best foods for your teeth

Eat Your Way to Healthy Smile: Best Foods for Your Teeth

Perhaps the only thing missing in your dental care routine is a healthy diet. Check out these best foods for your teeth!

blog cover: what you should know about your wisdom teeth

What You Should Know About Your Wisdom Teeth

What are our wisdom teeth for? Are your wisdom teeth only causing you discomfort? Let’s talk more about that in this post.

blog cover: 7 low sugar fruits to add to your diet

7 Low Sugar Fruits to Add to Your Diet

Low sugar fruits are far from boring. These fruits are popular. You can minimize sugar intake, without taking away the great taste of your food or drink.

a family brushing their teeth together in the morning

Fun ways to teach kids good dental hygiene habits

Teaching kids good dental habits starts with setting a good example. Let them see how you care for your oral health. Read this article for more information.

blog image: why wear a sports guard while playing sports ?

Why Wear a Sportsguard When Playing Sports?

Wearing a sportguard while playing sports is important to prevent dental and jaw-related injuries. Found out more in this article from our Red Deer dentist.

blog image: Is sedation dentistry right for you or a loved one ?

Is Sedation Dentistry Right for You or a Loved One?

Dental fear is common. At Image Dental Care, we help people with dental fears receive the treatment they need comfortably.

blog image: Eating right can prevent cavities

Eating Right Can Prevent Cavities

Eating right and choosing the right foods for your diet is not only important for your health in general, but are vital for your oral health, too.

blog image: protect your future with dental implants

Protect Your Future with Dental Implants

At Image Dental care, we recommend that patients replace missing teeth immediately. Dental implants might be the right solution. Call us for more info.

blog image: fun with the brush to win program

Fun with the Brush to Win Program

Image Dental Care has been helping to educate children in Red Deer area schools with our Brush To Win program. We wanted to share some of the fun photos.

blog image: digital impressions and 3d imaging

Digital Impressions and 3D Imagining in Red Deer

No more uncomfortable feeling when getting an impression. We now use an advanced 3D intra-oral scanning technology called the TRIOS Digital Laser Scanner.

blog image: keep your secret with invisalign

Keep Your Secret with Invisalign

Invisalign uses a series of custom-made virtually invisible aligners to straighten teeth. Read this page to learn about Invisalign at our Red Deer Office

blog image: for snoring or sleep apnea, consult your dentist

For snoring or sleep apnea, consult your dentist

Will you go to your dentist to treat your sleep apnea or minimize snoring? Chances are this won’t occur to you first thing. However, with the advancements in dentistry, dental professionals are now able to offer treatments for both these common health issues. According to the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, around 25 million adults […]

a ticket stub

Free Ticket to Healthy Living Expo

Image Dental Care is participating in the Subway Healthy Living Expo This Saturday Jan 16th And We Would Love To See You.The Subway® Healthy Living Expo is an interactive and demonstration-based, living entity of a tradeshow like none other. By showcasing exhibitors, demonstrators and sponsors who promote all aspects of healthy lifestyle in their respective industries, […]

blog image: the importance of oral health during pregnancy

The Important of Oral Health During Pregnancy

Once a woman becomes pregnant hormones rule and the pregnancy becomes the focal point. Perhaps you try to be more health conscious about your eating, but sometimes hormones make cravings impossible to resist and they may not be considered “healthful.” However, one aspect of health that often gets overlooked during pregnancy is oral health. Research […]

close up image of a person flossing their teeth

The Significance of Flossing

From early childhood we are taught to brush our teeth. Most of us start and end our day with brushing to keep our teeth and mouth clean.  Some people may carry disposable toothbrushes in order to brush in the office lavatory after lunch. I applaud those who do add this third brushing to their routines. […]

blog image: are soft teeth and cavities, hereditary or hygiene

Are soft teeth and cavities, heredity or hygiene?

We hear many people say “I have soft, weak teeth just like my mom (or dad or insert any other relative). That’s why I get so many cavities!”  Let me set the story straight. For starters, that’s a myth. Cavities are not hereditary. Bottom line is that cavities are caused by bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria cannot […]

a family posing for a picture during a family hike

What to think about the next time you buy a toothbrush – It's probably not what you think…

Even the most expensive brushing systems are worthless if you brush incorrectly. This seems obvious, but since we all develop brushing techniques that become second nature, correcting bad habits can be difficult. So next time you buy a brush, take that opportunity to assess and improve your technique. Most Common Brushing Mistake Brushing too fast […]

blog image: your dental insurance may be running out

Your Dental Insurance May Be Running Out

If you have dental benefits provided by your employer or by a private insurance plan, chances are you have a yearly maximum benefit available.Any benefits that are not used in the current year are not usually carried over to the following year.Because of that, if you still have benefits left, you can get the most […]

blog image: start school smiling

Start School Smiling!

Start School Smiling is a program that allows Grade One students in Alberta to have a free examination, with bitewing x-rays if needed, at Image Dental.