Celebrating a tooth-friendly Halloween
Children trick or treating.

Do you tend to give out candy during Halloween?

Many people love this tradition because it fosters a sense of community by meeting neighbors and delighting children with simple gestures.

But there are several other goodie bag ideas that are just as exciting as receiving sweet treats from generous neighbors. Check out these alternatives for a tooth-friendly Halloween celebration.

  • Sugarfree gums. They contain less sugar and are safer choices for the teeth than sugary or acidic candies and sweets. Use small bags, so you will only need to include fewer treats.
  • Mini trinkets. Look for small, interesting toys or gifts, such as yoyos or bouncy balls. Yes, they aren’t treats. But they can be used and enjoyed repeatedly over a long period. Be cautious about who you give very tiny objects. Avoid choking hazards and give the youngest trick-or-treaters larger treats.
  • Stickers. You can print your own or buy in bulk to save more. Children enjoy getting busy with stickers as they role-play with friends or on their own. They can also use these stickers as additional art materials for school projects. Go for Halloween-themed choices.
  • Fun pencils. Pencils never go out of style and are always useful. Look for pencils that come with spooky or adorable erasers. Children will have fun collecting them and showing them off to their family and friends.
  • Vampire fangs and other spooky accessories. You may also purchase affordable eerie accessories such as witch hats, vampire teeth, eye patches, wands, monster finger puppets, headbands, and plastic spider rings. Children will have a great time dressing up and accessorizing with their peers.
  • Tips for protecting your child’s teeth from too much sweets

    Here are tips to keep your child’s smile happy and cavity-free throughout Halloween festivities.

    • Skip hard and sticky candies. Consider reducing the number of treats you’re including in a goodie bag. It might also help to choose treats that aren’t sticky to keep residues from clinging to the teeth. Skipping hard candies would be great too, as one wrong bite can result in tooth damage.
    • Supervise your child's consumption. If your child is participating in Halloween festivities, make sure to supervise their candy consumption. Keep their goodie bag for them and set rules together, such as eating a piece of candy after meals. You don’t have to say no to sweets altogether to take care of your child’s smile. Allowing them to indulge occasionally and in moderation prevents them from overeating in one sitting. This also helps conveys the message that dental care doesn’t have to be boring.
    • Brush before going to bed. Have your child brush their teeth before sleeping, and steer clear of sugary beverages, especially if they already had candies or any type of sweet or starchy food. Plain water is the best thirst quencher after a long day of trick-or-treating.
    • Swap sweets for activities. Another option is to trade their leftover candies for an activity they’ll enjoy. You may allow them to watch their favorite television show for a few more minutes. You could agree to go to the playground earlier and return home later. Or you could also say yes to a longer storytelling time and later bedtime. It’s up to you to determine which activities to offer depending on your child’s interests and requests.

    If you reside in Red Deer, Alberta, and feel that your child needs to see the dentist for an examination or dental hygiene cleaning appointment, please get in touch with us at Image Dental Care.

    Let’s make children’s dentistry simpler, more engaging, and more rewarding for your family. With the Halloween and other merrymaking festivities approaching, it’s easy for schedules to become hectic, which may lead to dental care being set aside.

    We understand the holiday season can be busy for your family. With our comprehensive range of dental care services, you may no longer need to visit multiple locations.