What happens when you don't replace missing teeth?

stock photo of a woman missing a tooth

Are you missing a tooth? Tooth loss is a common dental issue. At first, you might not feel the need to do anything about your missing tooth.

You probably can still use your mouth as usual, and you don’t mind the gap. However, there are several reasons why you should consider teeth replacements. They help restore your confidence in your smile, and also protect your oral health.

What happens if you delay or don’t replace missing teeth?

  1. Shifting teeth
  2. The teeth work to resist each other and keep all of them in their proper position.

    When you’re missing a tooth, surrounding teeth are likely to occupy and shift into the empty space. This movement creates more gaps and uneven spaces between teeth.

    Your teeth may begin to look crooked, twisted, and misaligned.

  3. Misaligned bite
  4. Teeth moving out of their proper position can lead to misalignment. Your facial structure may change as your cheeks start to appear hollow.

    Chewing and biting down on food may become harder due to the gaps between your teeth. You may not be able to chew your food properly, which can also affect your body’s ability to digest food. Your remaining teeth work harder to make up for the missing tooth or teeth.

    The pressure can cause soreness in your teeth, mouth, and nearby areas, such as your jaw and head.

  5. Weakened oral health
  6. If you have several missing teeth, indulging in a wide range of food can be more challenging. Your diet may become more limited, and you may lean toward soft options.

    Lack of nutrition can cause your oral health and general health to decline. Not replacing missing teeth can also make it more difficult to keep your mouth clean.

    Empty spaces create more nesting areas for debris and harmful bacteria. Teeth that are crooked or twisted are harder to brush. You may become more susceptible to decay, cavities, and even bad breath.

  7. Bone loss
  8. Without tooth replacement, the bone may deteriorate. The bone grows where there's function.

    Biting and chewing sends signals that the bone in the area is needed and should be kept strong.

    If there’s no activity in the area, the jaw bone will break down over time, and building new bone in the area will no longer be a priority.

    When the bone collapses, it also pulls muscles and tissues with it. This can leave a sunken and older appearance on your face.

  9. Reduced confidence
  10. How your smile looks can also impact your appearance.

    If you’re missing a tooth, you may feel more conscious. It might cause you to avoid social interactions or activities. It might affect your performance at school or work.

    If your job requires face-to-face communication, it’s all the more crucial to consider getting teeth replacements as soon as possible.

Learn more about possible teeth replacement options today

See your dentist to learn more about replacements for missing teeth.

Whether you’re missing one or several teeth, don’t ignore it. Aside from boosting confidence, replacing missing teeth can also restore the health and function of your mouth.

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