Pediatric Services in Red Deer

As a Pediatric Dentist in Red Deer, we know every parent wants their child to maintain a lifetime of a healthy smile. To achieve this, it’s important to introduce your little one to good dental habits early on. Regular dental visits are crucial.

At Image Dental Care, we partner with parents to make every dental visit a positive experience for kids. First impressions can impact your little one’s willingness to cooperate with their dentist.

During initial meetings, we don’t go into dental treatments right away. We take time to get to know every child and strive to earn their trust first. It may take some work at first, but that’s okay.

It’s important for children to feel comfortable with the dental environment so they’ll be happy to come back. In our practice, we use an entertainment system to ensure kids will never get bored.

While Pediatric Dentists in Red Deer use varying approaches towards the child’s dental growth, their goal remains the same. As dental professionals, we want to prevent potential oral health problems from developing. We’re working to stop them before they even occur. Routine dental check-ups make this possible.

Let’s ensure that your child’s teeth and gums stay in good shape throughout their formative years. We usually see little ones before age 3 but in case you have any concerns, please feel free to see us earlier. As a little gift, we reward kids for great behaviour in their dental checkups. And no worries, we make sure they’re ready before we proceed with any work.

Dental Sealants for Kids

Here at Image Dental Care, we recognize the importance of preventive techniques. And one way we can avoid dental problems from occurring is by applying sealants to children’s teeth. Sealing is done to fill grooves on the teeth so they’re easier to clean. Hard-to-clean teeth areas are also more susceptible to decay.

Sealing doesn’t require freezing or drilling. We only need to apply bonding and a thin layer of permanent filling material.

STA Single Tooth Anesthesia®

The STA Single Tooth Anesthesia® a computer-assisted system used for local anesthesia. The STA carefully guides dental professionals as they administer injections. Patients will feel less discomfort and will not have unnecessary numbness in collateral areas.

When your child is cavity-free for life, they won’t need complex dental treatments or oral devices. They’ll get to keep their glowing smile and share it with confidence. Bring your little ones with you on your next dental visit. We’re excited to meet them.