Dental Hygiene Services in Red Deer AB

Dental Hygiene Services are our passion as you will see when you visit our team in the dental office. You’ll also meet our registered dental hygienists as they focus directly on preventive dentistry. They evaluate your oral and overall health and detect any potential problems. As your dentist, they help ensure that you get to keep your teeth in good shape for the long term.

If you are interested in Dental Hygiene Services our dentist and hygienist will help prevent the need for costly dental treatments in the future. Schedule your dental visit today!

Apart from removing stains and plaque from your teeth, your dental hygienist can also take x-rays. They are also able to apply agents such as dental sealants to prevent cavities from developing again. They can even administer sedation for dentistry such as gas to better serve you with all dental hygiene services.

Airflow Handpiece

The AIRFLOW® handpiece is amazing oral hygiene and dental prophylaxis technology. With the use of medical-grade materials and its thermo disinfectable resistance, it is highly durable. The handpiece has a powder jet reaching more than 400 km/h, and provides an effective kinetic energy, and keeps a uniform spray pattern for predictable outcomes during treatment. The AIRFLOW® handpiece separates the air and water which regulates water and powder flow with precision. The water and powder meet right when they come in contact with the tooth. The lightweight design gives it a comfortable pen-like grip which makes it easy to handle in hard-to-reach areas.

Our registered dental hygienists can perform laser therapy, along with regular scaling and root planing, to improve the health of your gums. If you need dental fillings, your hygienist can also apply this for you, staying on top of the important dental hygiene services for all patients.

Most importantly, if you have concerns about oral hygiene, your hygienist can help you out. They can educate you on proper dental care habits and preventive routines you can practice at home and pass on to your loved ones.