Digital Impressions in Red Deer AB

We understand that taking impressions of your teeth may feel uncomfortable. Thanks to innovations in dentistry, this procedure no longer has to be an unpleasant experience for you.

At Image Dental Care, we strive to make patient care more comfortable. Our dental office offers two advanced 3D intraoral scanning technologies, the << /b>>Itero Digital Laser Scanner and TRIOS HD Digital Scanner>.

Skip use of uncomfortable impression materials

These scanners reduce the need for the goopy impressions needed for restorations. You will no longer need to wear impression materials, a process which can last for over 5 minutes.

See more accurate images of your teeth, faster

The unique handpieces fit easily into the mouth and scans with over 100,000 points of reference. This in turn gives us extremely accurate 3 dimensional digital images of the teeth allowing us to create better fitting restorations. Risks of errors are reduced, hence also cutting down the turnaround time in creating oral appliances.

stock photo of dental technology

Reduce chair time

Digital scanners reduces appointment times by up to 22% and eliminates the need for return appointments due to inaccurate impressions. The procedure is completed faster, with the results coming out in better quality. This helps anxious patients as chair time is reduced. The overall dental experience is improved not only for patients, but for your dentist and the rest of the dental team as well.

Understand your oral health better

It also allows us to provide real-time visualizations for our patients. We can help you, our patients, understand better how we will restore your damaged tooth or teeth. We can even show you what your teeth will look like after the restoration. Discussing oral health becomes more engaging with the use of visuals.

Make dental procedures more environmentally-friendly

Also, since we no longer have to produce impression materials, such as trays, as often, we also get to reduce waste. In case a data is no longer need, we will only have to delete them digitally. We also get to save save as patient information can be saves electronically and can be accessed faster when needed.

With the help of digital scanners and 3d image technology, dentistry is simplified. You get to enjoy more comfortable dental visits. If you would like to know more about the 3D intraoral scanning technologies we use at Image Dental Care, please contact us. We’ll be happy to introduce them to you. See for yourself how receiving dental care can be fun and interesting too.