Numbing Reversal Agent

Does the numbness from using anesthetic keep you from getting dental procedures? Numbing Reversal Agent offers a solution to this.

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What is Numbing Reversal Agent?

Numbing Reversal Agent is a breakthrough dental product that reverses the effects of local anesthesia. It allows patients to return to their normal condition a lot faster.

The loss of sensation after undergoing a dental procedure creates a problem for some patients.

Adults feel conscious as they find it difficult to smile, speak, or chew. They’re unable to get back to their daily routine right away. Children, on the other hand, tend to bite their lips and cheeks until they swell and bleed.

Numbing Reversal Agent keeps this from happening.

How Numbing Reversal Agent Works

Local anesthetics contain vasoconstrictor, an ingredient that tightens the blood vessels.

Numbing Reversal Agent works to counter the side effects of vasoconstrictor. It widens blood vessels and stimulates blood flow. It’s administered at the end of the procedure in the same area where the local anesthetic is injected. The dose varies depending on the age and weight of the patient.

In clinical trials conducted, Numbing Reversal Agent patients restored their sensation on the upper lip within 55 minutes versus the 133 minutes from the controlled group, and 70 minutes for the lower lip versus the 155 minutes for the others.

Is Numbing Reversal Agent Safe for Use?

Numbing Reversal Agent is safe and approved for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

There are no known drug interactions or evident toxicity for using it. Phentolamine, the active ingredient used in Numbing Reversal Agent, has also been widely used in the medical field since 1952.

Clinical trials that are so far done to evaluate the safety of Numbing Reversal Agent all yielded positive results. The trials involved adults, adolescents, and children.

According to the manufacturer, adverse events reported since the Numbing Reversal Agent has been introduced have been consistent with those recorded during the clinical trials.

Who Can’t Receive Numbing Reversal Agent?

Numbing Reversal Agent isn’t recommended for children less than three years of age and with weight below 15 kgs or 33 lbs. Its effects on pregnant women and nursing mothers have also not been tested yet.

Benefits of Numbing Reversal Agent

  • The numbness after a dental procedure goes away twice as fast.
  • Patients can carry on as usual as their ability to speak, eat, and drink is no longer impaired.
  • Young patients can avoid getting their mouth injured due to persistent biting or pinching.
  • Patients that dislike the feeling of numbness can now receive dental treatments with confidence.
  • Overall dental experience improves, and patients become more willing to see their dentist.
  • Numbing Reversal Agent can be used by almost anyone.

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