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Image Dental Care

Heather Dodd

Five stars.

Image Dental Care is hands down the best dental care in Red Deer. I have been coming here for 10+ years. My hygienist Carlee is just the best. She is gentle and very efficient. Dr.Moore is such a great dentist. I never have pain when I see him. The reception staff is always friendly and happy. Seems like a wonderful work environment. Thanks for everything all of you are wonderful. My son also see Jenna and just loves her.

Wayne Costello

Five stars.

wow my experience at image dental Care was unbelievable... these people are truly professional and courteous and understanding ... as I walked in to image dental Care I got a good feeling from the girls up into the front to the doctors in the back... my experience was unbelievable I can't see enough about image dental Care they are all spectacular very helpful attitude is outstanding professionalism is outstanding I am a little bit speechless.... I would highly recommend people to take an opportunity to get them a chance to take care of your teeth they won't be disappointed with the professionalism that they have and the care that they take towards the patience everything is outstanding with these people at image dental Care.... the only word that pops in my mind is wow....... to all who works at image dental Care thank you so much for your kindness your consideration and you're outstanding professionalism I would recommend you guys highly thank you for everything and I can't wait for my next visit with you people... everyone is spectacular at image dental Care you guys are awesome.


Five stars.

Image dental (Deer park), Is hands down the best dental clinic out there. The staff is so welcoming, and everyone is extremely friendly and helpful. Dr. Moore has been an amazing Dentist, treating not only myself, but my son, and mother as well for a few years now. He does such an amazing job at making appointments, a stress/anxiety free experience, each and every time. I would absolutely recommend this clinic to anyone looking for a new dentist.

Susie Smith

Five stars.

I'd give 500 stars if I could for Image Dental!
As a child I experienced 1970's and 80's dentistry, and became fearful and reluctant to go to the dentist as a result. This place has changed that.
There are many praises to sing here, but the two biggies for why I choose this practice have always been... 1) the way I 'feel' when I'm there ...they genuinely care about me, which goes a long way in helping me relax and 2) the time and attention devoted to the details that go into whatever is being done.
Dr. Moore is one of a kind. He makes me happy everytime I see him and I'm also thrilled with my teeth when he is done. He is always so kind and thoughtful. I also never feel he is rushing through things. He listens to me with acceptance and understanding as I can occasionally babble away nervously. My most recent appointment was life changing in that I can smile again showing my teeth, which is actually pretty huge after spending at least a year mostly closed-mouth grimacing. I love the perfection he achieves with everything he does.
I also have to mention his assistant Amy who is incredibly sweet and gentle and reassuring. They work really well together too.
The front office/receptionists are helpful, welcoming and friendly both in person and on the phone. And the hygienists are great too with not only making sure they do a good job but also making things more comfortable for my sensitive teeth, by applying topical freezing along my gum line. I love how my teeth feel after a good cleaning.
I'm confident that with the help of this practice I will be able to have healthy teeth for the rest of my life. I drive ~4 hrs round trip to go to this office and it's worth every mile...and free parking too.
I'm so grateful to them for turning things around for me. If they could do that for me, then there is hope for anyone. I can't say enough good things about Image Dental. They are truly special and I feel very lucky to have found them.

Corence Wong

Five stars.

What an amazing and gratifying experience of my teeth cleaning and whitening done at the Image Dental Care. Jenna, the hygienist who had given me an extremely thorough and delicate tooth cleaning. And Madison had treated my teeth whitening with patience and care. I already received compliments from my friends for my sparkling teeth only two days after these treatments. Their professional performance had totally exceeded my expectations. I will definitely recommend my friends to Image Dental for any dental care treatments.

Rosie Smith

Five stars.

I went to Image dental with an emergency appointment and the staff there were fantastic! I called at 10am and they were able to fit me in before 3pm. Initially, I was very nervous to go to a new dentist because my previous dentist ruined the experience for me. Dr. Chang and the dental assistant were so helpful and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. They were able to find the cause of my pain and did a small procedure to ‘buy me time’ until I made a decision of how I wanted to go forward with my dental work. They were very patient with me and explained every procedure/option in detail, which I’ve never had a dentist do before. This was originally just an emergency visit, but I look forward to having this clinic as my permanent dentist.


Five stars.

Amazing receptionists, the manager I had the pleasure to meet her, she helped get my appointment get started, and Dr. Moore hands down AMAZING! I have a fear of going to the dentist but since I have been seeing him that fear is gone, very detailed in his work, and is aware of his client's! Going to this clinic is worth the hour drive!

Allison Marie Hughes

Five stars.

Love this dentist office!! The staff is wonderful!! Such a great front end staff, friendly courteous, helpful, never have to wait. Always a great experience. I’m a girl who had a bad experience with a dentist and they have all been so accommodating with me and all my fears have absolutely dissipated. Can’t stress enough how much Dr Chang and Carly have helped with my fears!! I would highly recommend this office!!!


Five stars.

I am writing this review so others who fear going to the dentist can finally get past that fear. I had horrific experiences as a young boy with my family dentist in the 1960's. The fear and pain I experienced every time I had a procedure done emotionally damaged me for life. I have extreme sensitivity issues with my teeth. Even getting a cleaning caused pain when going to the dentist. Things dramatically changed for me when I decided to give Image Dental in Red Deer a try. I had a cleaning and polishing done on my first appointment. For the first time in my life I felt no pain during this procedure. The hygienist was kind and very gentle and before I knew it, the procedure was completed. The dentist, Dr. Moore, then completed my check-up and noticed a crack on a tooth that I had a very old filling on. Pictures were taken of the tooth in question so I could see what the issue was. Once I saw the picture, I decided to get the old filling replaced and have the cracked tooth repaired. I went in the following day and had the procedure completed. To say I was nervous is an understatement. Never in my life have I had a procedure like this done and felt no pain. Dr. Moore is amazing. I can say without a doubt that I will never fear going to the dentist again and I will never go anywhere else but Image Dental. Thank you Dr. Moore and the staff of Image Dental for allowing me to experience pain free dentistry for the first time in my 58 years of life. I feel blessed having discovered this dental office...thank you God.