Is Sedation Dentistry Right for You or a Loved One?

blog image: Is sedation dentistry right for you or a loved one ?

Dental fear is common; there’s nothing to be ashamed about it. At Image Dental Care, we help people with dental fears receive treatment they need comfortably.

What Happens When You Delay Dental Visits?

When you skip dental appointments due to anxiety, potential dental issues that can otherwise be treated may only magnify. The situation can even worsen as you start to feel embarrassed for not taking immediate action. Chances are the more you’ll avoid seeing your Dentist.

Don’t let this happen. Not only will this take a toll on your oral health, it can also cause significant increase in your dental expenses.With new forms of sedation, you can relax during dental visits. You no longer need to postpone getting dental care.

Types of Sedation Used for Dental Practice

From the simple inhaled laughing gas to deep sedation, we’ll explain to you the type of sedation we can use for your situation.

For mild sedation, you’ll stay conscious throughout your treatment but you’ll also feel more calm. Meanwhile, if you are to undergo complex treatments, we may recommend using deep sedation. You may fall unconscious but once the effects of the sedation wear off, you’ll be awakened easily.

Again, the type of sedation we’ll suggest depends on your anxiety level and the type of dental work you’re receiving. Even patients with no dental fears may be able to use sedation especially when receiving large amount of dental work.

So don’t put off getting dental treatments. Call us today so we can talk about your sedation options. Let’s schedule your consultation at a time convenient for you.